ICT Consulting Services
and sustainable business strategy

Green IT and strategies for Energy saving

PGF will help your Company reduce energy consumption

With Green ICT and Sustainability being two subjects moving at light speed, the only way for PGF to deliver state-of-the-art services is to continually seek to be involved in R&D projects. Those projects might be managed at various geographical levels, wide-ranging from business solutions to EU funded projects.

We are always looking for new R&D and innovative opportunities and are willing to bring our expertise into existing consortiums or set up new R&D project team

To promote green computing concepts at all possible levels, the following four complementary approaches are employed:

·      Green use: Minimizing the electricity consumption of ICT Infrastructures and their peripheral devices and using them in an eco-friendly manner

·        Green disposal: Re-making an existing IT Architecture or appropriately disposing of, or recycling, unwanted electronic equipment

·        Green design: Designing energy-efficient Architectures, (servers, printers, projectors and other digital devices)

·        Green manufacturing: Minimizing waste during the manufacturing of hardware and other subsystems to reduce the environmental impact of these activities

Government regulatory authorities also actively work to promote green computing concepts by introducing several voluntary programs and regulations for their enforcement.

PGF BS, being at the same time an ICT and Energy competence center, helps your Company save resources and/or being compliant with Governement tasks/policies,  leading activities such as:

- Giving value to your business
PGF IT professionals will ensure your IT investments are made in all the right places, reviewing and possibly reallocating resources elsewhere. Thay will help you in delivering  green computing, improve energy efficiency, and objectively measuring the value of green IT.

- Helping you implement Green Computing best practices 
Through our expertise, you will learn about the latest green computing expert advice, news and tips. Your company will be led to implement new green technology and to enhance energy efficiency rates.

- Leveraging Green data storage technology
PGF will show you why green data storage techniques should be at the top of IT managers’ priorities list, according to new energy efficiency technology standards.

- Addressing power, cooling and space issues
You’ll learn power-saving techniques and new storage energy efficiency metrics, tackling
cooling, power and space issues within your storage infrastructure.

- Writing/Purchasing Green Software and leveraging existing systems
PGF will keep your Company software in line with a high quality of service and respecting your end users requirements, at the same time limiting the increasing levels of energy consumption.